Advanced Random Password Generator

This program generates a list of random passwords based on the specifications below. This program does not save any of its randomly generated passwords.

However you should not trust that and should instead download the source yourself.

Number of passwords to generate:
Password length:

Minimum required lowercase letters:
Minimum required uppercase letters:
Minimum required numbers:
Minimum required punctuation:
Do not use similar characters (1/l, 0/O, etc):

Print Base64-encoded password:
Print MD5-hashed password: lowercase, uppercase
Print MD4-hashed password: lowercase, uppercase
Print SHA1-hashed password: lowercase, uppercase
Print CRC16-hashed password:
Print CRC32-hashed password:
Print MD5-crypted password:
Print DES-crypted password (standard):
Print DES-crypted password (extended):
Print Blowfish-crypted password:
Print NT hash:
Print LM hash:

Advanced Random Password Generator | Random Password Generator

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